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The Women’s Leadership Salon is a dynamic community of women who share an interest in building leadership skills and improving gender equality. Over dinner, participants engage with topic-specific speakers and have significant opportunities for networking with like-minded women. The Salon meets on the second Thursday of each month at 5:45 p.m. at The Avenue, 141 N. Martinwood Road in West Knoxville.


The 2016 campaign season galvanized American women in a way that had not been seen in over 20 years. That, plus the more recent “me too” phenomenon, have clearly placed women at the vortex of a significant moment in time. But what does it all mean now? Where are we headed? And is there one, compelling vision for the future of American women? This presentation takes a breathless, yet entertaining trip through American history, finding themes and patterns that have shaped the evolution of the 21st century American woman across the intersections of race, ethnicity, faith, economic status, education, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

A native of Virginia, Kemp is a 37-year veteran of secondary and higher education in Virginia and Tennessee with experience ranging from high school counseling and administration to college teaching, academic support services, senior administration, and diversity programming.

She broke gender barriers as the first female high school administrator in two Tennessee school districts, overseeing two 1600-student comprehensive high schools. For 12 years, she served as Vice President and Dean of Students as well as Chief Diversity Officer at Maryville College where she retired last year. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Radford University in sociology and music education and a master’s degree from the University of Tennessee in educational psychology and counseling with educational administration and supervision. She is also an alumna of the Harvard Graduate School of Education Institute on Educational Management.

Many Thanks to Zoes Kitchen for sponsoring our November Salon.

And Tropical Smoothie Cafe (9161 Kingston Pike – near Main Event).

Thank You Laura Barron – Leading In A Multi-Generational World?©

The American workforce is currently experiencing conflict between four or five very different generations, wasting talent and energy. For managers, employees, customers and suppliers to interact effectively and produce the various results they each want, they each must understand where the other generations are coming from. What is driving each generation and what are their needs and desires?

We will explore each generation’s strengths, values and beliefs and what was happening when they grew up.  This program focuses on identifying opportunities for each generation to succeed and value each other. Come discover ways to tap the potential of every generation and to bridge the gaps.

Laura Barron energizes, informs and mobilizes people to create long-term positive solutions. She works with organizations to increase their effectiveness in three specialty areas: communication, performance management and leadership.  Her 25 plus years of management experience includes customer service, training and development and project management which translates to real world solutions for her clients.

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