Women Leaders

Does your organization:

  • Have trouble retaining women managers and leaders?
  • Struggle to maximize gender diversity in leadership ranks?
  • Maintain a culture and a succession plan that eliminates negative competition between women managers?

As a woman, do you:

  • Effectively develop your leadership skills?
  • Exert your personal influence authentically and confidently?
  • Struggle with handling workplace conflict?
  • Need a boost in your self-management skills (time management, delegation, etc.)?

Ignite’s special focus on developing women’s leaders provides training and development that addresses all of these challenges and more.

All of the research shows that organizations need more women leaders. Decisions are better, and the bottom line is stronger. You may know the numbers as well as we do:

  • Women hold 52% of all professional-level jobs, but only 20% of senior management positions
  • When two or more women serve on corporate boards, companies outperform their competitors with
    • 42% higher return in sales.
    • 66% higher return on invested capital.
    • 53% higher return on equity.

Our women-focused leadership services include:

Rising Stars Women Leader Boot Camp: 32 hours of training designed to expand the skills, influence, and network of women.

Ignite Women’s Leadership Summit: Held annually on the second Friday in June, the Summit includes powerful national women leaders, lessons from local women leaders, and a day of leadership networking.

Ignite Women’s Leadership Salon: Bimonthly, local women leaders gather over dinner to expand their network and enhance their skills.

Women in Readership Book Discussion Series: Monthly opportunity to come together with other women to read great books, discuss great ideas, and expand your network.

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