When Doors Open

November 9, 2016

When Doors Open

By Deb Schmitz In Leadership, Power and Influence with Comments Off on When Doors Open

We’ve all heard the saying “When one door closes, another one opens”, but let’s think about that open door………

doorsopenJoann Lublin’s second chapter in her book, “Earning It” is titled “Doors Open with a Strong Push”. She talks about situations where women received a strong push for advancement. That push can be internal or external.

Think about examples in your own life. Were you ever SO CLEAR about what you wanted that you would do anything (ethical) to get it? That would be considered an internal push. Starting at the bottom of an organization and working your way up is an example that many of us may have experienced.

Maybe it was a mentor, friend, parent or spouse that pushed you through that open door. In this chapter, Lublin lists some “Leadership Lessons” pertaining to “Doors Open with a Strong Push”:

  • Be tenacious about looking outside of your comfort zone
  • Find Influential internal (company) allies
  • Confront self-doubts about your capabilities
  • Be willing to start at the bottom

Typically opportunities don’t fall in our laps. We need to be thinking strategically, especially in the corporate world and taking that push wherever it comes from.

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