How to Thrive in a Competitive World

July 17, 2017

How to Thrive in a Competitive World

There are FIVE things you can do to thrive in today’s competitive world. Of the five, there are some that come naturally and some that will have us stretch out of our comfort zones:

  1. Continue to Grow and Learn – You can do this by reading, getting more involved with peers, employees- keeping your eyes and ears open for opportunities.
  2. Find your Niche and Excel – So many women are good at so many things, sometimes it is difficult to find your niche. CREATE IT! Then excel in it – be the best.
  3. Focus on Communication – this is one of the skill sets we do a deep dive into in our Boot Camps. Communication is the key to being a great manager or leader.
  4. Expand Your Expectations and Horizons – expect more from yourself. Surround yourself with people that will push you and you can learn from.
  5. Focus on Yourself – invest in yourself (training, coaching, self care). Be that well-oiled machine- mentally and physically.

To learn more on all of these topics, look for our upcoming Boot Camp for Women Leaders starting October 20th and our Great Manager Series starting in September.

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