This Job Sucks 

April 26, 2016

This Job Sucks 

By Susanne Dalton Dupes In Employee Engagement, Workplace stress with Comments Off on This Job Sucks 

If you have never uttered or thought the words, “This job sucks,” or “Working here sucks,” you are probably a very unusual bird.  I say that because every month, Gallup tells us that only about 30% of employees really like their jobs.

Working Here Sucks Concept text on backgroundThe feeling that “my job sucks” or “my manager sucks” or “this whole place sucks” can cause some pretty powerful repercussions for employees.

I think we can all agree
that people who have these thoughts and feelings are under stress, and likely a pretty high level of it.  According to WebMD, when employees are under stress, there are a number of symptoms they can experience, including:

  • Headaches
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Upset stomach (or worse)
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Short temper
  • Low morale
  • Decreased job satisfaction.

The list includes symptoms that can lead to impacts on health care costs as people seek treatment to deal with either physical or emotional issues. They also impact productivity, because employees who don’t feel well or who can’t think straight, can’t give 100%. You may only be getting 50% depending on the level of severity.

Because negative feelings are the most contagious, then having lots of stressed employees will impact your corporate brand.  Who wants to work at a place where employees are talking about experiencing work-related stress illness, where people explode in anger or frustration, or where the entire culture is saturated with low morale and dissatisfied employees?

That’s not a place I’d want to work — would you?

Last time you checked, were people saying “This place sucks” or “My job sucks” at your organization?  That’s an important bit of information that you need to know (and deal with).

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