Think BIG. Take ACTION. YES!

June 22, 2016

Think BIG. Take ACTION. YES!

Thank you to all that attended the inaugural East Tennessee’s Women’s Leadership Summit as we rolled it out under the umbrella of Mountain Laurel Leadership! The Council thought BIG this year and made a lot happen. Thanks to the amazing ladies on the Council.

We get great feedback about the annual event, but we felt we were not moving the needle enough, so we started Mountain Laurel Leadership to continue and infuse that energy through leadership training. We are also adding social events to the Salon lineup throughout the year. Many of you said you wish you had more time to network with the group of women that attend the Salons. So stay tuned as the year unfolds……ACTION!

Michelle StacyMost said our keynote speaker, Michelle Stacy, “knocked it out of the park”. We thought so too! Many shared that Michelle’s statement that it matters what they are saying about you in the lunchroom stuck with them. How you are perceived by your staff and peers is important – we need to own OUR INTEGRITY and CREDIBILITY. How we come across to others energetically affects their response to us. It is an “inside job”.

There were many great leaders in that room that day. Did you notice? Did you notice someone step into a leadership position that may have stepped out of her comfort zone? Did you notice support from others? Did you feel we are all in this together?

We would love to hear from you, now that you have had time to digest the day. We take what you write on the evaluations seriously and hope you continue to give us suggestions as the year unfolds.

And best of all, we look forward to seeing you again next year!!!

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