Ignite Women’s Leadership Council

We are “women leaders building women leaders.” Ignite Women’s Leadership Council organizes the annual Summit and other women’s leadership activities throughout the year.  The Council is a team of volunteers who share a common interest in improving the lives of women.  Council members bring diverse personal and professional experiences and represent industries that include chemistry, communications, engineering, finance, fundraising, personnel staff, manufacturing, consumer science,  politics, and public relations.

The Summit’s Mission: To promote and provide leadership training and skill development to build women leaders.

The Summit’s Vision: That women will realize and own their true potential, strength, and power.

Wendy Barrett, Summit Chair


Samira Abdalla, Summit Co-Chair


Deb Schmitz – Sponsor Coordinator

Susanne Dalton Dupes – Public Relations

Christine Miller – Exhibitor Coordinator

Janet Edkins – Webmaster

Susan Chapin – Creative Branding Director

Debi Houck – Entertainment Coordinator

Samantha Rooney – Marketing and Communications Director

Lisa Paul – Sponsor Coordinator & Administrative

Lisa Scott – Women in Readership

Rita Thomas – Photographer

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