Ignite Women’s Leadership Summit – Press Release

Contact: Susanne Dupes and Deb Schmitz
Telephone: (865) 896-9665
Email: info@ignitesucceed.com

January 4, 2018



Spend an amazing day learning from prominent women leaders!

Knoxville, TN, January 4, 2018– The Ignite Women’s Leadership Summit (formerly the East Tennessee Women’s Leadership Summit) has announced Friday, June 8, 2018 as the date for this year’s annual event at the Hilton Knoxville Airport location. The Summit and its full day of speakers aims to empower the women in our community to Live Consciously, Learn Continuously, and Lead Courageously.

“The Ignite Women’s Leadership Summit was exceptional. The women in the room had a high level of energy as they came together to build their networks, cultivate ideas, and promote each other. It was a great pleasure to be the Summit’s opening speaker and experience the power when women come together for self-improvement. Susanne and Deb lead an amazing team that ensures this event will be engaging, inspirational, and educational. Organizations and events like this have never been more important to women. I look forward to seeing what the Summit offers in 2018 and beyond.” says Joan Cronan, 2017 Summit speaker.

The day’s agenda includes exciting national and local speakers as well as a panel of local professional women who share leadership insights to over 200 attendees. Speaker details will be announced over the next few months. Feel free to email Ignite to join their mailing list so you will have current information sent right to your inbox!

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Susanne Dupes and Deb Schmitz at (865) 896-9665 or email at info@ignitesucceed.com.


Amy Sherrill

This is so much better than any women’s event I have ever attended. Every minute was up to a high level and encouraged and empowered me.

Renay Butler

I believe this is a good way for women to be re-energized, learn from others experience and share learning with younger women.

Brenda Murphy

Lots of practical, usable information.  Loved spending the day with powerful, creative women.

Stacy Miller

Great for all women in the workforce, love this event, always leave with something to make me better.

Gena Wilson

Its great to get away from the every day workday and get to “pour into myself” as a woman.

I could feel the passion, the power and the integrity. Thank you so much for bringing such amazing people together.

Leslie England

I really enjoyed it tremendously and learned so much about the women in the room. Wow…we are a force, and source for all things. I want to commend you on a fantastic job. This was one of the best events I have ever attended in Knoxville.

Suzy Booker

It helped provide inspiration and encouragement and a great way to recharge my battery.

Holly LeGrand

Empowering, confirming advice that can be realistically implemented.

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