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Need a speaker for your next lunch and learn, workshop, or conference? Following are a few of the leadership and management topics we speak about to audiences.

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Building Team Effectiveness

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.” Patrick Lencioni
How effective is your team? The recipe for great teams starts with trust. Then you add in healthy conflict, “right” commitment, and mutual accountability. Teams that get that recipe right get great outcomes.
But when teams don’t get the recipe right, everyone suffers – the employees, the team, and the organization. In this presentation, we explore whether your team is challenged by any of Patrick Lencioni’s five team dysfunctions and look at tools you can use to address your challenges.

The Power of Motivation

One of the most asked questions from supervisors and managers is: “How can I motivate my employees?” In this session, participants develop an understanding of the role that an individual’s “why” and their individual values play in employee engagement and accountability.

Participants will learn to recognize the differences in internal and external motivation. Internal motivation comes from inside each of us and external motivation comes from our value drivers, or driving forces.  We explore the role of 12 driving forces in motivation and learn to apply those in the workplace.

Managers who understand what drives motivation are able to build high-performance team.  They effectively engage individual team members, create a culture of trust, and boost employee output.

What Participants Say:

“Informative. Educational. Valuable.” | “Knowing your employees motivation builds a stronger and better team” | “Excellent” |“Very helpful understanding myself and how I impact others”

Managing Conflict

What do you do when conflict happens to you in the workplace? Do you invest the time to get to the Win-Win? Do you assess which matters most, the relationship or the outcome?

Conflict happens to us continually, with co-workers, family members, and especially with significant others. Regardless of whether the conflict is big or small, most people don’t like to deal with it. At the core, conflict is the extent to which your concerns are incompatible with the other person in the situation.

In this presentation, we look at why individuals handle conflict like they do, creating or claiming value. We will explore the five styles of conflict management that can take you from Lose-Lose to Win-Win in any conflict situation if you have the right skills.

What Participants Say:

“Very beneficial for personal growth and professional success.” | “Offers a way to think about conflict and coping strategies.” | “Helps you understand where other people are coming from.”

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

“90% of the difference in star performers and average performers in senior leadership is emotional intelligence.” Daniel Goleman, EI guru.

According to many experts, emotional intelligence, or your EQ, is likely more important for business success than IQ. In this presentation, participants become familiar with the five aspects of emotional intelligence, from self-awareness to relationship skills.  These personal and social competencies determine how effectively we can manage our own emotions, read the emotions of others, and create successful relationships.

We will also explore the EQ competencies that Goleman links to six critical leadership styles and how they affect the success of teams and individual employees.

What Participants Say:

“Thought provoking.” | “It brings awareness to your leadership style.” | “EQ=happier workplace” | “Valuable. Makes you aware of your impact on others”

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