Show Me the Money! How to Negotiate

October 11, 2017

Show Me the Money! How to Negotiate

By Deb Schmitz In Money Talk with Comments Off on Show Me the Money! How to Negotiate

Did you know that women themselves contribute to the wage gap?

The reason is very few NEGOTIATE their salary.

This occurs from our first job all the way through our career.  Most women are unwilling to advocate for themselves, it makes them uncomfortable.  In fact only 16% of women negotiate during ANY salary discussion.  We leave approximately ONE HALF MILLION dollars ($500,000.00) on the table over the life of our career by not negotiating our salary!  However, studies have shown we are great at advocating for someone else! So how do we learn to advocate for ourselves like we do for others?

Here are some tips to get you comfortable when the time comes to ask for what you are worth:

  • PREPARE – know how much money you want and why
  • RAISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS – we often minimize our skills
  • COMMUNICATE COMPETENCY – express this in ways that your competency/skills will help the company
  • PRACTICE – we all know we should do this, but getting those words to role off your tongue in a confident manner is important

Taking personal responsibility of knowing what you are worth and understanding WHO you are as a leader are important pieces for negotiating your salary.  We take pride in showing you how to take that responsibility.

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