Self Aware Leaders

November 8, 2017

Self Aware Leaders

By Deb Schmitz In Leadership with Comments Off on Self Aware Leaders

We are in our last week of our Rising Stars Women’s Leadership Boot Camp.  As in our previous boot camps, we have a group of amazing women.  It is four intense Fridays filled with education, useful tools, self assessments, coaching, comradery, ah-ha moments and fun.

In the picture we all have our thinking hats on as we talk through critical thinking, which was the second session in the Power and Influence Day.  The purpose of critical thinking is not to be right, but to gather and assess the right information. The four characteristics of critical thinking are:

  • Curiosity
  • Awareness
  • Flexibility
  • Common Sense

Consciously demonstrating these four characteristics will help you to improve your skills. A leader with good critical thinking skills will be able to avoid the common mistakes of rationalization, emotional thinking, bias and tunnel vision. Stress and urgent timelines can often make these mistakes every day occurrences, but when you have a tool like the value/effort grid to take you through the critical thinking process, you become a more aware and objective leader.

This is only a small section of what we cover in the four week boot camp. The feedback we have received consistently from attendees is that they become more self aware. A more self aware individual makes a better leader!

Come join us in February 2018 for our next Boot Camp!

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