A meeting or a team — where are you headed?

September 5, 2017

A meeting or a team — where are you headed?

By Susanne Dalton Dupes In Communication, Team building with Comments Off on A meeting or a team — where are you headed?

As you walk out your door, which would you say to your colleague or assistant? “I’m going to a meeting about the anniversary celebration” OR “It’s time for my anniversary celebration team meeting”?

WhPhoto of a successful teamat difference does it make, you ask? The words may sound innocuous to you, but they communicate a lot. There is a big difference between attending a meeting and being part of a team. At least I hope so.

In the first instance, it’s all about some third-party activity, that thing you have to do, that meeting.  But in the second instance, you acknowledge personal involvement — you say you are part of a team.

Projects can live and die based on the level of commitment of the project team members. You can walk into a meeting with the intent to check off a “to do,” perhaps trying to avoid getting any additional action items assigned to you. OR you can walk into a team gathering determined to do your part to ensure success for the team.

Words are important. They reflect mindset. They set tone. They power success … or failure.

I know.  I’ve gone to a lot of meetings. I’ve worked on lots of teams. The feeling in the room is absolutely different when people gather as a team. It’s palpable.

Look at your calendar.  How many meetings do you have to check off today?  How many opportunities do you have to meet with effective teams?

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