Lizzie Crozier French Women’s Leadership Award

The Lizzie Crozier French Women’s Leadership Award recognizes bold, persistent and forward-thinking women leaders.  The Ignite Women’s Leadership Summit introduced the Lizzie Crozier French Women’s Leadership Award in 2012 to recognize outstanding women leaders in East Tennessee.

Who is Lizzie Crozier French?

Lizzie Crozier French represents East Tennessee on the Women’s Suffrage Memorial.  Her image is depicted on the memorial located in in Market Square in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Lizzie Crozier French was an American educator, women’s suffragist and social reform activist.  She was one of the leaders in the push for women’s rights in Tennessee in the early 1900’s.  Lizzie was president of the Tennessee Equal Suffrage Association Inc. and founder of the Knoxville Equal Suffrage Association.  She led efforts to bring coeducation to the University of Tennessee and helped the state become the 36th state to certify the 19th amendment.

Lizzie was a trailblazer, who is your Lizzie?  To nominate a leader in your community for the 2021 Lizzie Crozier French Women’s Leadership Award, please click “Nominate a Trailblazer!”

All women who reside, are employed, or are active in East Tennessee are open for nominations.  Chosen finalists will be invited to the 2021 Ignite Succeed Women’s Leadership Summit VIP Reception to meet with summit speakers, guests and the Ignite Women’s Leadership Council.


Previous Lizzie Crozier French Winners

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