Leading Beyond Limits

June 14, 2017

Leading Beyond Limits

By Deb Schmitz In Leadership with Comments Off on Leading Beyond Limits

Leading Beyond Limits – that was our theme for this year’s East Tennessee Women’s Leadership Summit, which culminated this past Friday, June 9th! What an amazing day. I, personally, went way out of my comfort zone and lead beyond my own limits.

I have always been a “behind the scenes leader” – no spotlight for me:

  • Head of stage craft in high school – behind the stage
  • Manager at Procter & Gamble at an off site facility – not at the R&D main campus – team player, behind the scenes
  • Working on the East TN Women’s Leadership Summit for 6 years – always in the background – registration, details of the day.

This year, I stepped into the role of Chair of the Summit, knowing I would have to get up on a stage and talk. I would be in the spotlight. TWO of my own greatest FEARS. Going up and down 2 steps without a rail is physically a challenge for me. What would I do? Public speaking is a major fear – always has been, in spite of taking it as non-credit course on a college campus AND joining Toastmasters. What would I do?

I OWNED who I am. I used my cane to get up the steps. I practiced so I was comfortable doing that.

I OWNED who I am. I greeted everyone and performed my role as the Chair. Yes, I was nervous and yes, I made mistakes. AND I overcame them and had fun.

So, I challenge you to think how you can LEAD BEYOND YOUR LIMITS.

  • Is there a leadership role you’ve been shying away from because “you aren’t qualified”? You’re qualified!
  • You say you aren’t a “leader”, yet people keep asking you to help with kids soccer, a work project outside your expertise, or other task. Guess what? You are a leader!
  • You don’t think you are a leader, because you are not a manager. Think again!
  • Like me, you’re “leading behind the scenes”. Step out!

OWN who you are! This is something that doesn’t necessarily happen on it’s own. You need to work at it. We at Mountain Laurel Leadership are passionate about working with women so that they OWN who they are as they become leaders. Come talk with us!

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