Keys to Motivate Your Team: “The Why”

December 2, 2015

Keys to Motivate Your Team: “The Why”

By Susanne Dalton Dupes In Motivation, Team building with Comments Off on Keys to Motivate Your Team: “The Why”

(Part 1 of 8)

Engaged employees are motivated employees, right? But who’s responsible for that motivation — leaders, managers, or the employee? The answer is all three.

Leaders and managers who successfully incentivize employees are able to do that because they understand that reward and recognition are very personal, very individual. They can look at the world through the employee’s eyes and understand what drives them, their very “why.”

We are talking here about external motivators, which are the things that cause us to make major decisions. We begin forming our motivators, or drivers, early in life and refine them as we grow older. These motivators are the basis upon which we decided what to study in college, the type of jobs we take, who to choose as our life partner, and even what purchases we make.motivator_wheel

These external incentives are different from the internal motivation we looked at in our emotional intelligence series. Our internal motivation has to do with our innate ability to overcome setbacks and obstacles, to strive for excellence, regardless of the reward. Meanwhile, external motivators are the things we work toward in life. For some of us, it is a search for knowledge, for others it is about ensuring that everything we do either has a return on investment, or propels us into a position of power and influence.

There are actually six of these motivators:

  1. Theoretical
  2. Utilitarian
  3. Individualistic
  4. Aesthetic
  5. Social
  6. Traditional

In the next few posts, we will examine each one and what they mean for engaging employees and creating a successful team. As you read the posts, look for yourself and look for your team members. What you find may surprise you.

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