Keys to Motivate Your Team: Knowledge Lovers

January 20, 2016

Keys to Motivate Your Team: Knowledge Lovers

By Susanne Dalton Dupes In Employee Engagement, Motivation with Comments Off on Keys to Motivate Your Team: Knowledge Lovers

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Who do you know, or have on your team, that is always researching or always looking for things to learn? Who has lots of books and magazines in their office that they actually read?Motivators wheel highlighting the theoretical motivator

These are the folks who are theoretically motivated.  They are knowledge seekers. At work, they are always asking you for training, possibly for professional memberships, or for subscriptions.

In meetings, if someone is unsure about something, your theoretically motivated person will jump on the internet and “Google” for an answer. They love research, finding the cold, hard facts, and just knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

My husband, Bill, and I both have strong theoretical motivators.  But they play out very differently in each of us. For me, I have an alphabet soup of letters I can put after my name, from MS with my master’s degree, to the things I am either accredited or certified in. Show me some sort of new knowledge I can master (that is relevant to my work or life) and I will study it until I master it. How many books do I read at once? Sometimes three or four, and I am forever adding new ones to my Kindle. (Yes, I read hard copies too.) And I love to solve problems … as do most people with strong theoretical motivators.

Bill, on the other hand, is always more about gathering lots of knowledge in lots of areas.  I wish you could see his computer. His browser will have 20-30 tabs open constantly.  I’m not kidding.  He hoards knowledge resources. If we are in a room together when a question arise that no one can answer, Bill will be automatically on his phone, finding the right answer.

And don’t get me started on trivia (especially science fiction glitches in movies). The man’s mind is like a warehouse for that stuff, because he loves it.

So yes, knowledge for knowledge’s sake is a driver for many people. But be wary, all you theoreticals — not everyone cares about the research or the background. So watch yourself about going off on tangents.

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