Keys to Motivate Your Team: It’s About the Money

February 1, 2016

Keys to Motivate Your Team: It’s About the Money

By Susanne Dalton Dupes In Employee Engagement, Motivation with Comments Off on Keys to Motivate Your Team: It’s About the Money

(Part 3 of 8)

“Money, money, money, Mon-ey.” People with a strong utilitarian motivator, or drive, are all about the ROI (return on investment) of resources. Immediately, the concept of money comes to mind, but people who are driven by this think about more than just their money.  They also watch their investment of time and talent.The utilitarian motivator

Any team or organization that has a utilitarian involved will be much more likely to succeed. These folks will use their drive to guard the resources of whatever organization they are involved with. That doesn’t mean that they don’t want to invest. On the contrary, they are very willing to invest but they have to know the “what’s in it for me” answer, which better be very clear and resonant with their goals. In addition, folks with a strong utilitarian drive will be the ones who come up with creative ways to leverage resources.

These are your most practical thinkers. When they come to the table, “self” is always part of their agenda.  They aren’t going to let you squander their time or their talent.  And they expect a reward for a job well done … a reward that they deem sufficient to their investment.

Want to learn how to negotiate, to barter? Watch how a person with a high utilitarian driver gets what they want.

If you are dealing with someone with a strong utilitarian motivator:

  • Always be able to identify what’s in it for them
  • Tell them how you expect to measure and prove the ROI
  • Communicate in practical terms.

Look around your team. Got a utilitarian on board?

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