Job Matching Services Build Strong Teams

“By using a scientific, systematic approach with each hire, companies can reduce variance and make performance more predictable …
The additive effect of selecting naturally talented individual contributors is 6% higher revenue per employee, for a combined gain of up to 33% higher growth potential.”  
Companies Are Missing Opportunities for Growth and Revenue, Gallup

Job matching ensures that a person’s talents matches with the needs of their job. When there is a strong job match, you havehigh performance and a generally happier worker. For the company, that translates to higher productivity and lower labor costs because you have employees humming along, taking less sick leave, showing up on time, and optimizing their work.

The flip side of that comes when a new hire doesn’t line up with the needs of their job. When you have a job mismatch, the employee, the team, and the situation can become riddled with stress. Employees struggle to meet job requirements, while their natural inclinations and talents go unused. Teams struggle to fill in skill and experieince gaps or to deal with communication issues and conflict. Ultimately, the company experiences higher costs in

  • absenteeism due to stress
  • management time spent in counseling
  • lost productivity time, etc.

In our job matching process, we engage your subject experts to build a job profile that focuses on the objective factors the job wants and takes human bias out of the process.

Because each investment in recruitment impacts company profitability for a long time, it is critical to ensure that new employees flourish in their role. Job matching helps ensure that the company finds new hires who

  • can reach superior performance in the position
  • can ramp up in the required time
  • will integrate well into the team and add to engagement

To put job matching to work in your organization, contact us today.

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