Ch-ch-changes (David Bowie)

September 19, 2017

Ch-ch-changes (David Bowie)

By Deb Schmitz In Change Management, Communication with Comments Off on Ch-ch-changes (David Bowie)

“Turn and face the strange” as David Bowie sings in his song “Changes”. Now a days, change is the norm – so how do we deal with it – especially if you don’t agree with it? One of the “old school” answers would be to “suck it up and deal with it”, but there are better solutions to dealing with change. Be seen as a leader that can exhibit these traits and you will have a team that follows you!Hand holding the word change

  • Give it some time – change grows on us and sometimes our perspective changes if we have time to think about it
  • Ask for more information – NOT questioning the change – explain upfront WHY you are asking for the info
    • understand it so you can explain it to others.
    • understand the why so that you can feel ownership
  • Do NOT assume anything – a dangerous position. Some questions to ask yourself*
    • What assumptions am I making abut myself?
    • What assumptions am I making about others?
    • What am I assuming from the past that may not be true now?
    • What am I assuming about what’s impossible – or what is possible?
  • Recognize the source of your concern
  • Once you understand the change, influence the outcome if possible
  • Implement the change

    * from Change Your Questions Change Your Life by Marilee Adams

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