Beyond The Usual Suspects

March 8, 2017

Beyond The Usual Suspects

Mining organizations for hidden talent should go beyond the traditional approach of mirroring those currently in power. The problem with this is that it usually rewards white males at the Leadership skills trainingexpense of women and minorities whose path may look different. In order to solve this, it needs to be a two pronged approach:

  1. Organizations need to develop evaluation criteria that allow hiring managers to go beyond the usual suspects
  2. The “hidden leaders” need to place themselves in leadership opportunities.

If you feel you are a hidden leader, here are some steps to position yourself to be “discovered”:

  • Hone your leadership skills through volunteer work outside of your organization
  • Become know as the connector – knowing how to leverage relationships and solve problems
  • Let others know you understand the bigger picture of your work
  • Volunteer to lead an internal effort that enhances the company (warning – it may not be seen as enhancing the company at first, but building upon the above three tips will help – persevere!)
  • Seek outside leadership training and ask your employer to pay for it. You will be seen as a “natural” leader

I have personally done all these and it works! We can help hone your leadership skills! Come join us!

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