Employee Engagement

Employees are the lifeblood of every company.

How much of your company’s success depends on your employees?

Can you run your company without employees?

Can your company be successful with employees who don’t like their jobs?

The data is overwhelming.  Engaged employees are productive employees. Engaged employees generally speaking like their jobs.  And nine times out of 10, they have a manager that supports them and a culture that empowers them.

Those sound like simple things, and they can be, if your managers are trained in people skills, and you’ve developed a positive work culture.

But the fact is that seven out of 10 employees are not engaged, not loving their jobs, and not feeling overly loyal to their company. Why? Key reasons are lousy communication, a lack of trust, ineffective managers, and not being matched to a job that uses their strengths. Over the long term, these disengaged, even unhappy employees will tune out, turn off, and sometimes get even.

That costs your money, crashes the morale of your organization, and gives you a bad reputation.

Warning signs that there are high levels of disengagement in your company are:

  • High employee turnover or high absenteeism
  • Repetitive production problems
  • Continued quality issues
  • Too many dissatisfied customers
  • A general sense of unease or contentiousness among employees

Let’s Reconnect Your Employees

At Ignite, we work to ensure that you have high levels of engagement. After all, engaged employees mean more money in the company coffers.  They are your best brand ambassadors. They build your reputation with your customers, stakeholders, and your community by demonstrating the values you embody.

If you are ready to have a more engaged workforce, Ignite’s training and tools provide what you need, including:

  • Team and individual training based on scientific assessment
  • Workplace assessments that diagnose employee strengths and stressors
  • Team and individual coaching to support your managers and leaders
  • Job matching to ensure you have the right people in the right jobs
  • Individualized professional development plans to strengthen employee performance

Contact us today if you are ready to have more engaged, more connected employees: info@ignitesucceed.com or 865-896-9665.

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