Activating Teams

Can you imagine what your business would be like if the majority of your employees were really engaged with their job and their team?  The impact would be significant!  Just look at the research Gallus done. Gallup shows that when you can engage 90% of your employees, your bottom line increases 147%. Imagine that!

You can have that level of engagement in your organization by investing in three areas:

  • Develop your managers
  • Strengthen your culture
  • Focus your recruitment

Manager Development

Managers who understand how to build strong employees and strong teams ensure that employees stay with your organization and give you strong, consistent performance. That means higher customer satisfaction and higher productivity.  It also means lower turnover costs.

To build strong teams and strong employees, managers need strong people skills.

Our training and coaching programs are designed to help managers:

  • Build trust
  • Create accountability
  • Motivate employees
  • Make productive decisions
  • Generate strong outcomes

Your Culture

Does your culture inspire loyalty? Or is it doing just the opposite and sending employees into the waiting arms of other employers? Employees give their strongest performance when they are in a culture that supports and empowers them.

The ingredients of a loyalty-inspiring culture are:

  • Supportive managers
  • Clear career paths
  • Obvious connection between your mission and the employee’s specific job
  • Reward and recognition that speak directly to each employee
  • Open, transparent, and frequent communication
  • Job demands that strongly match employee skills and strengths
  • Collaborative colleagues

Let’s find out whether employees think your culture is missing any of these key elements. Run our workplace stress assessment or an employee engagement survey to identify areas you need to improve. Find out more about our assessment tools.


Allen Lutz

Education & Workforce Development Specialist for the Roane Alliance.:

Thank you for being our presenter at the Roane County Employers’ Association meeting yesterday, September 12, 2017. I had several people tell me your presentation was engaging and thought provoking. A first time guest at the meeting also told me she was going to join the RCEA because of the quality of the presentation and participation.
Thank you!

Job Matching

Have you ever thought about replacing your “gut instinct” with hard science when it comes to choosing new employees? We bring the “science of self” to bear in the recruiting process by establishing job benchmarks. The benchmarks show you the specific soft skills, communication styles, and motivational preferences you need for an individual to be successful in each job.

We call this job matching. A strong job match increases long-term retention, productivity, and customer satisfaction. It also creates stronger teams.

Learn more about our about our job matching services here.

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