Activating Teams

Are you ready to activate your team in order to increase productivity?

Imagine what your team could do if you:

  • Strengthened their communication skills.
  • Knew the most effective way to motivate each employee .
  • Had high levels of accountability.
  • Were able to address conflict in healthy, productive ways.

We work with you to activate your teams and strengthen your managers!

Onsite Training Programs

We can design training just for you, training that addresses your team’s unique challenges. We’ll build custom programs, or you can choose from our full range of already developed programs. All of our training is based on a framework that couples the five traits of high performing managers identified by Gallup  with the five traits of high performing teams that Patrick Lencioni identifies in his Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Our pre-designed programs include fundamentals for new managers, as well as three series of programs that address

  • Essential skills: The people management skills your managers need to activate their teams.
  • Personal leadership skills: Advanced communication skills that increase your managers effectiveness.
  • Strategic leadership skills: Advanced thinking and processing skills to activate teams, managers, and your entire organization.

Book your training now, or contact us with questions at or by phone at 865-896-9665.

Client Testimonial:  Instead of “putting out fires” on a daily basis, we are using the skills that [Ignite] taught us to be proactive and distinguish the fires before they begin.  The managers are functioning as a team rather than as individuals, the company culture has improved, and the employees are more engaged.

— Laura Black, Senior Manager, Off Road Equipment Parts


Do you have a manager, or an “about to be” manager, who needs one-on-one mentoring or support so that they are able to activate their teams? Our Personal Leadership Coaching program is open to a small number of individuals. During our time together, we work to address challenges and obstacles that keep managers from being fully effective.  Personal Leadership Coaching* includes

  1. Twice monthly individual coaching calls
  2. Unlimited access to your coach by email
  3. Assessment and in-depth analysis of emotional intelligence, behavior styles (DISC), Driving Forces
  4. 360 Leadership Survey
  5. Personal Development Plan

*requires a six-month commitment

To determine whether we have coaching slots available, contact us at or by phone at 865-896-9665.


Allen Lutz

Education & Workforce Development Specialist for the Roane Alliance.:

Thank you for being our presenter at the Roane County Employers’ Association meeting yesterday, September 12, 2017. I had several people tell me your presentation was engaging and thought provoking. A first time guest at the meeting also told me she was going to join the RCEA because of the quality of the presentation and participation.
Thank you!

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