Hiring: How good are you at it?

July 25, 2016

Hiring: How good are you at it?

By Susanne Dalton Dupes In Team building with Comments Off on Hiring: How good are you at it?

As a manager, how do you approach “getting the right people on the bus?” Jim Collins (Good to Great) and many other business gurus tell us that we will fail to grow until we master this important ability.Find The Right People, message on paper, smart phone and coffee on table, 3D rendering

If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time to add a little science to the process.  Today, many companies rely on “everything in the kitchen sink” job descriptions, which invariably include “other duties as assigned.” What does that get you, really? You need a benchmark to compare job candidates against.

Create a Benchmark

To start, creating a benchmark, have the people that understand what it takes to be successful in the job to identify the top 4-5 duties that are really critical. Call these “key accountabilities.”

Then have those same job experts identify the personal traits that the job needs, such as:

  • Behavioral/communication style (Does the job need someone who makes quick decisions, someone who prefers lots of analysis, someone who is comfortable in front of the room, or someone who is a strong relationship builder?)
  • Motivational preferences (Does the job need a person who values return on investment, or people, or problem solving?)
  • Soft skill competencies (Does the job need a person who is persuasive, creative, a self-starter, has customer focus, is resilient, etc.?)

When you establish the key accountabilities and identify these essential personal traits that the job needs, you have established a measurable benchmark. Then you can compare your job candidates to the benchmark to gauge the likelihood of success.

Yep, this adds a little science to the process and reduces the need for “going with your gut.” We can help you put this in place, and in turn, increase employee retention. Email me if you want more science and less guesswork in your hiring process. 

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