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C to B. At the threshold of the historic period, about A. Unfortunately, nothing is known of the historic or prehistoric archaeology of the Setaukets , so it is impossible to attribute anything at the Stony Brook site to the ancestors of the historic occupants of the district. Moreover, the age of the Orient , or later component at the site, has been radiocarbon dated to a period far too remote to admit, in the current lack of intermediate phases, of a plausible connection with a definite tribal or linguistic group. By Hilda M. Egbert M.

By Hilda M. Egbert M. She became especially interested in the records of primitive man on the Island the following article and those to succeed it are based on the investigations of New York State Arologist, William A.

To get an idea of how long ago Indians lived here we must again turn to the Archaeologist and are happy to say that recent excavations by the New York State Museum and Science Service concluded by State Archaeologist, William A. Ritchie, at Stony Brook and other eastern locations that we shall review, will, at least give us some very definite answers that have not been available heretofore and we think you will be surprised.

According to Dr. Many reliable Indian sites have been discovered by people living here, but unfortunately, much of their value for study has been lost because they were not scientifically excavated.

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Should you uncover anything pertaining to any Indian site may we urge you to immediately report it to the New York State Museum and Science Service in Albany so further investigation can be made. The NY Times featured an article about an adjacent goods manufacturing site local to the Stony Brook settlement site on September 13,describing its use and relationship to the village.

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The site, discovered last November during an environmental impact study, appears to have been a chipping station where quartz lance points, scrapers and knives were manufactured. Johannemann said.

Stony Brook University, as required by law, must be in compliance with the Civil Rights Act of (Title VII), as amended, Title IX of the Education Amendments of , the Rehabilitation Act of , the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Americans with Disabilities Act, New York State Human Rights Law and New York Education. Jul 15,   Now new research published in a series of papers by an international team of astrophysicists, including Neelima Sehgal, PhD, from Stony Brook University, suggest the universe is about billion years old. By using observations from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT) in Chile, their findings match the measurements of the Planck satellite data of the same ancient light. Sep 13,   Introduction. The Stony Brook Site is a prehistoric Indian Village located in the town of Stony Brook, New York, often described as an area on the North Store of "Aunt Amy's Creek." Found in and later excavated by William A. Ritchie in , Ritchie describes the component as "Indians [who] are believed to be of the pre-ceramic archaic group who wandered from one semi-permanent.

We see very little evidence of the woman here - very little pottery, no evidence of cooking. Heated rocks were carried into the hut with sticks and cold water was poured on them to create steam.

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There is a proliferation of fire-cracked rock at the site, but no scord earth, ashes or other evidence of conventional cooking fires. That area, from the same historical period, contained a substantial amount of pottery and food refuse - clam shells, small animal bones and dark, greasy soil where organic matter had decayed.

Prior to this he used soapstone, which is not found on Long Island and has to be got from the mainland. This period, from to B. It was followed by the Woodland perio which lasted until the decline of Indian Culture with the coming of white settlers.

Johannemann estimates that there were 30 Indians in this encampment, of Algonquin stock and designated as Orient people.

The settlement was set into a hill for protection from the wind, and had water nearby that provided shellfish as well as natural refrigeration. Such studies, which are done through the New York State Department of Transportation, are an investigation of land use from prehistoric to contemporary times.

Particular emphasis is placed on its economic potential in history. In this instance, test holes were made by Mr. Johannemann and his associate, Laurie Schroeder, also an archaeologist, that revealed an abundance of quartz chips.

The owner of the site, who has begun building on it, is credited by the archaeologists with being most cooperative. He originally gave them a year to excavate it.

That time has been extended into spring. It will be kept intact in the Three Village area.

This is one of the better-supported archaeological projects on the Island, according to Mrs. So far not enough material has been found to do carbon dating, however; the age of the artifacts, including one piece o very early pottery and some later ceramics of the Woodlands period, has been verified by comparison with similar carbon-dated artifacts.

Ina research team measuring the movements of galaxies calculated that the universe is hundreds of millions of years younger than the Planck team predicted.

That discrepancy suggested that a new model for the universe might be needed and sparked concerns that one of the sets of measurements might be incorrect. The age of the universe also reveals how fast the cosmos is expanding, a number quantified by the Hubble constant.

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The ACT measurements suggest a Hubble constant of That means an object 1 megaparsec around 3. This result agrees almost exactly with the previous estimate of As ACT continues making observations, astronomers will have an even clearer picture of the CMB and a more exact idea of how long ago the cosmos began.

Such strange physics could resolve the disagreement between the predictions of the age and expansion rate of the universe arising from the measurements of the CMB and the motions of galaxies.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. CCDS will begin testing procedures and expected to start decontaminating up to 80, masks per day by the end of this A portion of a new picture of the oldest light in the universe taken by the ACT. The light, emitte years after the Big Bang, varies in polarization represented by redder or bluer colors.

The Atacama Cosmology Telescope ACT measures the oldest light in the universe, known as the cosmic microwave background.

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Credit: Debra Kellner The age of the universe also reveals how fast the cosmos is expanding, a number quantified by the Hubble constant. Related Posts.

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