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In the Parker Pipe Co Limited was formed by Alfred Dunhill to finish and market what Dunhill called its "failings" or what has come to be called by collectors as seconds. Previous to that time, Dunhill marketed its own "failings", often designated by a large "X" over the typical Dunhill stamping or "Damaged Price" with the reduced price actually stamped on the pipe. In , the remaining shares of Hardcastle were obtained, but it was not until when Parker-Hardcastle Limited was formed. It is evident through the Dunhill factory stamp logs that Parker and Dunhill were closely linked at the factory level through the s, yet it was much more than a few minor flaws that distinguishing the two brands. Most Dunhill "failings" would have been graded out after the bowl turning process exposed unacceptable flaws. This was prior to stoving, curing, carving, bit work and finishing. In others words, very few Parkers would be subjected to the same rigorous processes and care as pipes destined to become Dunhills.

Tammy a bit less so, but she was a woman, so they had another line of attack. I believe she was attacked for not standing for the pledge or the anthem once. I did the opposite of Lewis in solving. Back in the early seventies, my neighbor, a couple of years younger than I, taught me the moves for the ss pieces and how to set up the board. I recall we tried to play a few times, but with no idea of strategy, it just became a more complicated form of ckers for a couple of pre-teens and yes, I know ckers can have strategy but I never understood that either so My entire knowledge of ss notation comes from movies or books and now they've changed it?

This did not affect my enjoyment of the puzzle.

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I fired up my computer to solve online only to see the note warning against it so I had to wait until my bedroom was unoccupied before I could print the puzzle to get the full experience. I thought it was fine. I decided to solve the messy center first. I fell into the "Adam" trap at 66A but not for long.

What sent me on a fruitless Google search was 75A. But what is that spongy stuff in the center of a reed? I Googled and rephrased and found out how to make a reed pen and how to cut down reeds and all sorts of other fascinating information but I remain ignorant as to whether reeds have pith in their centers. Anybody familiar with reed anatomy? Thanks, Jack Reuter, and congratulations on the debut.

But Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" won out with its ss board and white knight references. And looking at the middle of the grid sure made me feel like I was on drugs. But I can see your point too. I'm not up on the nuances of the lingo. Today's solve taught me a few new things. My only real challenge was staying awake while solving it last night.

The puzzle wasn't boring I was just tired. A very routine solve to a clean grid. I did not realize it was a 22x22 until it was pointed out. I don't know how ssboard squares are labeled so I didn't understand the move described by 25A until I glanced at today's review. I'd rate the solve as medium to easy. My first thought on reading Don's writeup: Where does Rex find all these snowflakes?

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My second thought: OFL might have delivered a classic rant. I did not have the patience to do that with my own board. One of the other kids showed me how the board is set up and how the pieces move. Probably he desperately needed another kid to play with. But I was glad to learn. I played often in high school, not so often afterwards. I'll join the chorus of those who were not disturbed at all by AMPUTEE, and think that while the politicians mentioned would rather not have lost a limb, their status is people injured in service was probably a plus for them on Election Day.

Right now my favorite veteran is Mayor Pete, and I am glad for him that he came out physically whole. Gladder still he is running for President as a married man. Some things in our lives really have changed for the better. Liked it a lot otherwise. Dont get the problem with seppuku. Hara Kiri cut the gut is used often in crosswords, and seppuku is a far more polite word for the deed. I love ss. I play it all the time.

I know the notation cold. I even read books on strategy. And this puzzle totally sucked. The ssboard in the middle was worthless. I didn't use the "pieces" at all. Just filled in the puzzle as though it were a themeless. Never have I missed Rex's trenchant commentary more.

He played remotely with others, sending next moves on penny postcards. I regret being too lazy to ck the actual board after filling in the squares. Really quite a feat, to make it all work out. I send Rex a dime a day. It was 78, right wingnuts in three otherwise sane states that gave us Putin's Puppet President. The USofA is only right wing in old, white, rural, uneducated counties.

The rest of the USofA is moderate to progressive.

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In a fair election, none of the recent right wing buffoons would have made it to the White House. Liked the puzzle a lot, although there were many clues I only sussed out via the crosses.

I didn't understand why people using the app don't see the triangles, circles, shaded squares.

They show up on my ap-o smartphone's app just fine. What I just looked at was the app's settings. Under "Puzzle Preferences" there's an option "Show overlays. This SunPuz definitely gets some points for bein different. Pretty rare, that I've ever beheld that species of ss notation, I guess. All I saw was "you", as far as a side-to-move indicator.

Lotsa good regular fill and good desperate fill, as others have already covered. Chief of Tank Ostentation? Thanx, and congratz on yer debut, Mr. I learned the older ss notation, never did the new one, but it still worked out.

Carola: I believe you're a fellow-Westerner; ck out Ansel Adams, perhaps the greatest photographer of our part of the world. Tide pods are laundry detergent "pods" - self-contained objects that you toss in the washing machine.

People were challenging other people to eat them, which evidently is not a healthy thing to do. What a dreadful waste of time. This was simply a "clever" overlay on a bad, dull puzzle. It is long past time for Shortz to turn the NYT puzzle over to someone with fresh ideas.

Anonymous "Mike" did not write today's review. If you're going to spew hate, at least pay attention to detail. They recorded on a four-track tape recorder, then mixed down to mono for their earliest records. Thanks for that.

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Doing the grid-game board art this morning enabled me to leisurely drink an extra coffee in bed. Always nice to have an excuse to be lazy on a Sunday morning.

I knew seppuku off the top of my head for some reason, though I can also imagine not knowing that word.

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I thought the ss board was lousy. It seemed a little out of the ordinary.

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I could think of other amputees. The painter Manet I had a leg amputated that had become gangrenous from syphillis I think, and I suppose van Gogh can be considered an amputee. Frankly, I didn't care. I'm sure this was difficult to construct, but as many have mentioned, the ss puzzle didn't help the solving experience for me at all - if anything, all the notation made it that much more difficult to read.

has analogues?

MEH indeed. Enjoyed your comments about the puzzle and agree with your critique completely. Thank you for posting One Night in Bangkok from one of my favorite musicals, ss. I had never actually see the video! Always amazes me when people seem annoyed or think it somehow wrong if the puzzle exposes their cultural or historical ignorance. Oh by all means, let's instead have puzzles with references to the Simpsons and pop culture Thanx for the ROFLin'.

White's knight moved, to achieve the ckmate. Not black's knight. All the subs this long Independence weekend: primo jobs!

Y'all oughta be CrossWorld-knighted. And mated, if you're game.

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Not only is it part of their story, it's prominent. The main thing that political junkies remember about Cleland was the indignity of his losing a race where the GOP ran against him as weak on the Iraq War was a weird and gross time. If not for that, he'd barely be remembered, one more Southern Dem who couldn't hang on as polarization deepened.

Such a cool and ambitious concept. I think the author pulled it off! I continue to be impressed with what can be imagined for the crossword grid. Maybe there are amputees out there who feel otherwise; if so, I defer. Best I can do to confirm this besides say so is use rushes as a proxy. My useful "Ultimate Visual Picture Dictionary " shows a rush stem, the center of which is "Pith with stellate parenchyma star shaped packing tissue. But I did learn that the average cattail spike hasseeds, and that Thoreau liked to demonstrate it this way: "Pull out a small tuft and watch it immediately expand to fill your hand with a downy mass.

Commenting late; got up early to go ride my mountain bike up lots of hills. That went way better than the puzzle. The whole ss thingie was off-putting. I enjoyed the solve process - I always do - but today was more of a slog than most.

I can appreciate the difficulty and artfulness of assembling such a grid, but it ain't for me. Got it done, so there's that too.

Some good entries, but not enough. Maybe Monday will be better. Couldn't remember the story's title or author, so went to Uncle Google for some help. It's "Patriotism" by Yukio Mishima, published in And the reason it was in the anthology, I gather, is that it is considered a bit of a classic by critics. So if you need to flesh out heh-heh your knowledge base about ritualistic self-disembowelment, I recommend it.

The fact that I still remember it so vividly all these years later tells you something.

Jul 12,   THEME: SS - The middle of the grid represents a ssboard with "pieces" set up such that "white" can achieve ckmate on its next move. INSTRUCTIONS: The center of this puzzle represents a Down/Down, in which you can achieve a Across by moving the Across. Theme answers: KNIGHT TO B EIGHT (25A: See instructions) BLACK (31A: Side represented by . Aug 07,   After dating stars like Paris Hilton, he married longtime girlfriend Lauren Kitt in They now have two kids. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if .

Google also tells me that 10 years after its publication, the author carried out the deed himself. I know some solvers love a difficult puzzle, but come on!

This was just plan off-putting and show-offy. First look at the grid, said to myself: "Skip this one! Usually enjoy Sundays and do pretty well once I get the gimmick. There is a house wren desperately trying to sate a cowbird fledgling on my deck rail right now. Poor schmuck! I had the same response about the answer being slightly off, but forgot to mention it. If you are referring to a ss position, it means the player to move can deliver ckmate on this turn.

This is the most common meaning. That means no matter what move you make, they will be able to ckmate you on their following move. So again, if that is correct, I can see why there could be confusion. I know very little about ss. Loved this puzzle. Finished with no errors and it was a challenge. But hats off to the construction! People are overly critical on this blog.

Maybe it stems from the man on the top. But cmon, this was brilliant! I do not believe the ss problem in the puzzle is incorrect.

WHITE to move and mate in n moves means precisely what it says.

If the problem is from an actual game, then the actual colors from the game may be used. Hard to read, too dependent on a gimmick, and full of dreck like AKU. Home in the classic song is not The Range, home is ON the range. To me, this was inaccurate in a way that a crossword clue should not be.

Looking forward to better later in the week. What is "r"?

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One more to weigh in on mate in one. For those who solve ss problems, the phrase "mate in one" has already been achieved and is the current state of the board.

If you are just thinking in general language, as clued, you can "achieve a ckmate" by making one move.

Anyone else play enough ss to wonder what the heck would have had to happen to arrive at this board position? Seems highly unlikely to have occurred in an actual well played game. Great creativity to superimpose a ss problem over xword. Knowing a bit of ss from years ago helped me fill in some letters in the center. If you've read any articles in past 20 years about ss champs, you'd have seen the "new" notation b8.

If not, you feel like I do about "one-named singers" - there seem to be a lot of them! ss puzzles do not assume a "well-played game".

But I feel that I used to often be in Black's position at end of game: down 1 bishop, 1 pawn, and in a hopeless position. Fine by me because I love both endeavours. What I didn't enjoy was trying to find the frickin' puzzle. Something needs to be done for we syndicated puzzlers, especially on Sunday.

Once I found it, I did enjoy it, a lot. Actually, most of the time when someone points out that a word might not be PC just annoys me. I think all words available to us are fair game. NO, DR. I no very little about ss, tho I have figured out that this is really about that game.

Wonder if I'll care enough to finish? I for one think it is nothing short of amazing that anyone could pull this off. To have all the P's, R's, K's, etc.

seems brilliant

A fun solve all the way. Not sure I did, but will gladly do that now. This puzzle was comparable to Shane Lowry's performance in the Open: blew the competition away. Still plodding away. And I know the dif bet know and no. No means know.

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Those circles and triangles are a pain - my eyesight is so wonky that they get in the way. Lady Diana, LIW. Post a Comment. Still, Parker finds it impossible to focus on much besides Aaron and his relationship.

against. Many thanks

She decides to explore her feelings in her magazine column, penning a letter from an "anonymous" reader looking for advice. Surprised by the overwhelming reader feedback and her feelings, Parker realizes something about herself and what Written by Anonymous.

This is a cute movie with attractive leads and a pleasant - if predictable - plot.

Knight dating in parker

My only complaint is that it is really low budget and it shows. The sets are small, there are few extras, and the production qualities are low.

However, I thought the two leads did a great job with the material. Looking for some great streaming picks?

ck out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites.

Oct 17,   Dating. Prior to Word War II, the possessive PARKER'S stamp was used. However, at least some pipes were stamped with the non-possessive as early as Like Dunhill, Parker pipes are date stamped, but differently than Dunhill. The Parker date code always followed the MADE IN LONDON over ENGLAND stamping. The first year's pipes had no. View the profiles of professionals named "Parker Knight" on LinkedIn. There are 10+ professionals named "Parker Knight", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. Oct 25,   Soap star Max Parker has posted a sizzling shirtless snap of his boyfriend Kris Mochrie. The Emmerdale star is best known as f Luke Posner in the .

Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords.

Alan Walker \u0026 Ava Max - Alone, Pt. II (Live at Chateau de Fontainebleau)

Parents Guide. This was prior to stoving, curing, carving, bit work and finishing. In others words, very few Parkers would be subjected to the same rigorous processes and care as pipes destined to become Dunhills. Only those that somehow made it to the end finishing process before becoming "failings" enjoy significant Dunhill characteristics, and this likely represents very few Parker pipes. After the war, and especially after the mid s the differences between Parker and Dunhill became even more evident, and with the merger of Parker with Hardcastle Pipe Ltd, in the Parker pipe must be considered as an independent product.

There is no record of Parker ever being marketed by Dunhill either in it's retail catalog or stores. Parker was a successful pipe in the US market during the s up through the s, at which point it faded from view in the US, while continuing to be popular in the UK. It was re-introduced into the US market in and is also sold in Europe.

John Loring states in "The Dunhill Briar Pipe - 'the patent years and after'" that while he has seen several pre-war Parkers and some from the s that appear to be Dunhill "failings" during the finishing process, briar was also obtained from sources other than Dunhill.

1 day ago  Megan McKenna has joined A-list dating app Raya after splitting from London businessman Josh Riley, according to new reports. The former TOWIE star, 28, is said to have signed up to the app. Candace Nicole Parker (born April 19, ) is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Sparks of the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). She was the first overall pick in the WNBA , along with other stars such as Alana Beard and Nneka Ogwumike, Parker helped the Sparks to win their first WNBA Finals title since Missing: knight dating. Rosanna Knight-Parker. We have 50 records for Rosanna Knight-Parker ranging in age from 34 years old to years old. Rosanna has been found in 17 states including Wyoming, Maryland, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and 12 others.

Loring knows of no way to distinguish the briar source when looking at either Hardcastle, Parker, or Parker-Hardcastle pipes. And that aside from a very few Parkers from the s and before, and a few ODA shapes, we should not expect to find any actual Dunhill production in these lines. While one might be there, it is doubtful we will ever be able to determine it.

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