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Leona looked gorgeous in a white bikini alongside her shirtless beau as they sunbathed on a luxury yacht, sharing kisses before taking a swim in the water and relaxing on a local beach. Leona and Dennis tied the knot in a romantic ceremony in Italy in front of people, and the bride wore three gowns during the ceremony. Find out more about their nuptials! Leona Lewis has tied the knot with her longtime love Dennis Jauch! Leona wore three gowns during the wedding - one for the ceremony, another for the reception, and a jumpsuit for the party, according to Hello.

A woman named Sincerely Ward approas their table to talk. She tells them she wanted Williams to know the truth. Kenya holds a party for her friends to come and see her newborn daughter Brooklyn. At the party Kenya takes Porsha Williams aside to talk.

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She tells Williams that some of the ladies were talking about her relationship to McKinley. Moore tells Williams about what Ward told the other ladies.

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In the preview for the season, Williams and McKinley are seen in couples therapy working out their issues. Kandi Burruss' Former Home. Back in September, the two were seen grinding on each other in Las Vegasmonths after they broke up. In the photos, McKinley and Williams were clearly comfortable with each other, with him placing his arm around her tightly.

The Vegas trip was interesting given Williams called off their engagement in June. The two had been dating for one year.

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Williams first revealed she was dating McKinley back in June A couple of months after they announced they were together, Porsha revealed she was pregnant with her first child. She and Dennis would eventually get engaged in September and welcomed daughter, Pilar, in March.

Following the episode airing, Williams shared photos from behind the scenes with her baby PJ. Members of The Gang comment on his attraction to teenage girls when he ends up being tricked by an eighteen-year-old high school senior into plowing her at her high school prom " Underage Drinking: A National Concern ".

Dennis also has a fascination with anonymous sex, even going so far as to install a glory hole in the men's room at Paddy's.

When Charlie and Mac try writing a movie, Dennis's suggestions for how to "improve" the movie mostly involve hardcore penetration scenes though Charlie says "I think the audience is gonna be very uncomfortable seeing Dolph Lundgren's naked penis going into this young girl that you're talking about" " Mac and Charlie Write a Movie ". Dennis is fond of BDSM.

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Dennis enjoys flirting with men who compliment his appearance " The Gang Gets Racist ". He believes he has a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of gay relationships.

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He knows what it means to be a bear or a twink and understands how a "top" differs from a "bottom"; he explains to The Gang that "speed is the name of the game" when defining the role of a "power bottom" " The Gang Sells Out ". He is very excited about seeing someone "hang dong" in the movie Thunder Gun Express.

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Dennis used to stick the tip of his penis in his frat brothers' mouths, and his photograph at his frat house is graffitied with the words "I chug dick" " The Gang Reignites the Rivalry ". He also was prepared to have sex with a " tiny Asian boy " as Brian LeFevre, before it is revealed that the boy was a caddy.

Frank's Back in Business.

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Regularly, his relationships with his best friends, Mac and Charlie, are portrayed as homoerotic. The ambiguous nature of Dennis's sexuality has been explored in other episodes and is usually connected to his vanity and need for peer approval.

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It is revealed that Dennis had sex with the school librarian, Ms. Klinsky, when he was Klinsky was far older probably at least years ol and is described as looking like Rick Moranis Dee Made a Smut Film.

Despite his insistence that he was not raped, the experience seems to have been very traumatic and has left scars " PTSDee ". This is possibly the reason for his hyper-sexuality and treatment of women.

Dennis insults and demeans his friends on a regular basis, particularly Dee and Charlie, and never hesitates to draw attention to their flaws, shortcomings, and past failures while remaining oblivious to-or rather in denial of-his own.

2/10/  Leona Lewis leads the way as she and fiance Dennis Jauch as they arrive at a restaurant for lunch on Thursday afternoon (May 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif. The year-old singer looked pretty in a. 11/4/  On the season 12 "RHOA" premiere, Williams is seen questioning whether her fiance Dennis McKinley was ating on her. Kandi Burruss is seen having lunch with Cynthia Bailey and Eva Marcille. Consumers: Be aware of the "It's Just Lunch" trap. The contract that they have you sign doesn't say that it is non-cancellable, but IT IS! They offer a very expensive concierge/executive level dating service, but don't have the resources to to fulfill that promise. No follow-through. Unresponsive to my calls/emails. You wont get what you pay for.3/5.

Dennis's psychotically-extreme vanity, selfishness, callousness and exploitativeness belie a deep, crippling insecurity, self-loathing and fear of abandonment. Much of Dennis's inflated self-image is fueled by others, whether through their attention and admiration or through providing him with schadenfreude at their own misfortune.

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Any critique of his looks, however mild or trivial, deeply distresses Dennis and often leads him to extreme behavior. When Dee countered Dennis's insults by claiming that he has a "fat face," it triggered his anorexia to the point of not eating for three days " The Gang Exploits A Miracle ".

He frequently becomes incredibly upset when he is unsuccessful at sleeping with women, feeling like their rejection is directly responsible for triggering his ever-present fear that he is actually worthless. He becomes disturbed when Dee becomes successful and initially tries to tear her down verbally like always, but by this point Dee has regained too much self-esteem to listen.

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Believing that his sister was soon going to leave him behind and go onto a better life that was more successful than his, a blow to both his ego and his fear of abandonment or rejection, Dennis becomes increasingly upset and desperate. When discovering that he, along with Dee, was actually on the receiving end of an elaborate prank by Charlie, Mac and Frank, Dennis tries to deny the hurt and trauma of the ordeal through hysterical laughter, though the others think that they "broke" him as well and that "he might go kill himself" " The Gang Broke Dee ".

Glenn Howerton has said in interviews that he believes that Dennis is not actually a complete sociopath; and, deep down, Dennis is actually very fragile and has very strong emotions and is in fact the most sensitive and insecure member of the Gang.

However, the only way he knows how to show it is by getting really angry.

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This suggests that Dennis's frequent outbursts of rage, particularly in later seasons, are actually a dysfunctional defense mechanism to cover up how vulnerable he is to any sort of perceived criticism, social rejection, or emotional upset. The above comes to its height in " The Gang Tends Bar. The fact that Mac shows him affection and gifts to him an RPG, the exact thing Dennis has always wanted, causes Dennis to revert back to a cold and emotionless facade even though it's obvious that he's holding back tears while thanking Mac.

Similarly, the thought of his illegitimate son growing up without a father around, much like he did, causes him to renounce his life of debaury with the Gang under the roof of the bar and causes him to leave for North Dakota to tend to his new family.

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Dennis has some artistic talent that he expresses by drawing cartoonish large-breasted women which pretty much describes his crude behaviorwhich Charlie finds enticing " The Aluminum Monster vs. Dennis claims that he is going to look twenty forever, asserting that "the older [he] gets, the more vigilant [he] becomes".

For instance, he professes that he does not eat lunch anymore and on odd days he doesn't eat breakfast. Also, Dennis's body is constantly in motion. For example, he is capable of doing leg lifts that are "imperceptible to the human eye" while standing a technique which he calls " hummingbirds ".

Dennis can turn his penis from flaccid to erect in a moment's notice, and vice versa " The Gang Gets Quarantined ". Along with Mac and Dee, Dennis has been shown to be an excellent skier though the rules are different on the mountain " The Gang Hits the Slopes ".

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Due to his emotionally and psychologically abusive upbringing, it is demonstrated throughout the series, and outright stated in Chardee MacDennis, that Dennis, along with his sister, has an extremely high tolerance for emotional battery and public humiliation, hence why he is always able to rebound from the Gang's constant failures and disappointments and the various traumatic things that occur to the him throughout the series, such as his father figure disowning him and later trying to pimp him out.

Dennis has a distinct gift for manipulation, a skill in which he takes tremendous pride.

He takes the process of conning very seriously, even referring to it as an "art" " The Gang Goes to a Water Park " and himself as an "Artist. Strangely, he does not seem to use these aliases for money or other material gain, but rather for the pure pleasure he derives from deceiving others, or "getting off.

Dennis is extremely vain, obsessed with his appearance, has an incredibly fragile ego, and is in constant need of attention, and as a result any sort of critique or attack on his self esteem will destroy his confidence.

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For example, in The Gang Exploits a Miracleafter Dee says he has a "fat face," he starves himself for days. Dennis was born on August 18,an unknown amount of time after his sister Dee, to Barbara and Frank Reynolds.

Dennis had a well-loved stuffed elephant named Mr. Tibbs " Charlie Gets Crippled ". There was an incident in his childhood when Dennis killed four crows in a row in front of Dee " Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer ".

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It's unknown if this was an isolated occurrence or one of multiple acts of animal cruelty Dennis committed throughout his youth.

Dennis started a psychological dossier on his sister Dee when he was in the second grade " The Gang Gets Analyzed ". Dennis believed himself to be extremely popular in high schoolbut his prom date had sex with another student " Underage Drinking: A National Concern ". Mac told Dennis that the other student had been Tim Murphybut later Tim revealed to Dennis that it was Mac who had had sex with his prom date.

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