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California is often portrayed as a great place to visit. And certainly, there are many tourist attractions to see and participate in. The weather is great and you can see Mickey Mouse do his thing at Disneyland. Simply, California has to be perhaps one of the most hazardous places to live. If one were to measure the odds, it would be very easy to conclude that chance of some disaster befalling you is fairly high increasing in direct proportion to the duration of your stay. Consider these top 10 reasons NOT to live in California:. Actors turned politicians have mixed results depending on who you talk to.

These are all dumb reasons. Now the cops on the other hand. Ventura County and Riverside county full of criminals looking to set people up in order to get their sentences reduced. From the cops to the jails the judges and attorneys. If you are suffering a mental illness you are a easy target for DA who is a greedy MFer and of course wants to show he is tough on crime when he in truth creates criminals out of sick people in crisis. Corruption in government is all throughout it. Nothings sacred.

Do you live in California? California may be in the financial gutter, undermining the flocks of folks who typically migrate to the Sunny State, but the gang infested, convict releasing, overly left picture you paint of California is far from the truth. Number 9 is a fairly good observation. Yes, California is prone to inimical weather.

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Wildfires, mudslides, and the atypical snowstorm at higher elevations. Of these, while I do not know the statistical figure though your task should have delegated you the responsibility of providing oneI am up-to-date well enough on current events to know that more people die fighting fires than those who cross its path.

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We do not get deadly hurricanes, tornadoes, or freezes, as these tend to be more destructive than any natural disaster we Californians see. The legitimacy of this is as arguable as the evidence The Day After Tomorrow presents for New York being the first city overwhelmed by a great freeze.

I believe the program has been suspended. Gang culture is an outlier of the poverty stricken sections of Los Angeles, parts that anybody not living in that area seldom sees, and therefore completely unrelatable to most of LAs citizens. Unless you live in South Central, Compton, Watts, Hawthorn, Long Beach, you will rarely ever find yourself with a 'gang member' threatening your life for the sake of his street.

Your number one is outrageous. These Mexican gangsters have no interest in testing the military strength of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texan rangers. Quantifying the evidence is not necessary. For these reasons, and the lack of any insightful critique of the real reason why California is particularly repugnant to the other 47 states, the economic tribulations, I believe your list should be revised or taken down.

Please never ever come to California.

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You should really visit Janesville, WI. They have a Dunkin' Donuts! You damn Northern Californians!

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I live in SoCal and. Never come to California, its all true, no lies, matter of fact, I feel some shaking right now. Sorry but 1 is just a bunch of exagerated lies, does the author even know what he is talking about. Please at least get your facts strait. You're absolutely right. There is no reason for you to live in California, so stay the hell out, and the hell away from us. This list is absolutely ridiculous if not offensive. Agree with Keith. Stay out of California or we'll send the big, scary gangs after you during an earthquake.

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Get real, or get informed. This list is a complete joke, and whoever put it together must be inbred and not from California.

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But I am in favor of anything that deters similar minded people from flocking to my beautiful state. This list is hilarious. It reminds me when people think the Middle East is a war zone and you go to half the countries and there is ZERO crime. This is an outsiders view California based on a CNN report. I've lived in California for more than a decade and it's hard to ever see leaving.

I've lived in many, many other states and California is way better in many regards. And yet, people I know here dread the idea of moving to Texas or some other state. Air pollution is way down so much so that there aren't "smog" days anymore and most days are clear.

Traffic is manageable if you live close to work or have a reverse commute. Earthquakes: it's been a very long time, but the infrastructure has been greatly improved. Housing prices are completely out of this world but you don't get hit with tax increases like the Northeast and maintenance is minimal due to no freezing weather.

The big draw in California is the ridiculous weather. When it's 18 degrees in New York and you're sitting on your back porch sipping some freshly squeezed lemonade in 80 degree weather, you'll understand why people come here. Then there is all the stuff to do. There is no such thing as "running out of things to do" in California.

California is often portrayed as a great place to visit. And certainly, there are many tourist attractions to see and participate in. The weather is great and you can see Mickey Mouse do his thing at Disneyland. However, it's best to have fun during a short stay and then be on your way. Why? Simply, California has to be perhaps one of the most hazardous places to live. Single Muslim Women in Rosemont, CA. The Golden State of California is place to find online singles from A global community of quality single adults who share common goals - intelligent individuals who want to find great dates, make new friends, form romantic relationships or meet life . Someone You can Love is Nearby. Browse Profiles & Photos of Christian Single Men in Rosemont, CA! Join, the leader in online dating with more dates, more relationships and more marriages than any other dating site.

California's worst state park would be the 1 tourist attraction in Illinois or Indiana. It's 75 today and if I want I can take the kids to the beach or head up to the mountains to throw snowballs.

The big thing is the jobs. The state needs to work much harder to keep businesses here especially manufacturers. But which companies does everyone marvel over and are creating tens of thousands of jobs?

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So be thankful for California, it's the crazies that are the engine for growth in this country. I used to live in California and did so for over 40 yearsfrom age For the most part California is a great place. The cost of living and price of housing is to high for many middle income, working class families and retired persons. Haha wow you are obviously not from California.

I've lived here my whole life and none of these things have ever been an issue. And the mudslides and wild fires! And the wild fires that cause the mudslides! It's very difficult to not live in an area that might be plagued by these problems.

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Since it's all over the place. Oh wait, I can't afford to live in the mudslide areas, since they are usually very expensive. And being in the middle of a very large suburban area saves me from the wildfires. And the bigger the city, the more crime you find. These masses of gangs aren't localized directly in California. It's the fact that L. Gang violence can happen anywhere. California just happens to get a lot of attention because people tend to contrast the beauty they see in the television's version of California with the stark reality of life and find it upsetting, when it's really just an overreaction.

This is far from being accurate.

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You probably have never been to California, so you really have no business saying these things. When you find a place in this world that has no natural disasters, no gang violence, and no crime, why don't you let me know? In the meantime, you should visit California.

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I'm pretty sure you would like it. It's easy to avoid gang problems and Detroit has the highest murder rate out of any city in the US. Where I live we had one break in, in the last 10 years.

I went to Mexico during the so called height of the drug war and didn't have any problems. Yes fires happen because of stupid people and bc of nature. Can't control the freaking weather now can we? Earthquakes Yes some are big and ruin some peoples lives. I live 15 minutes away from a volcano, I have tons of earthquakes all the time. They are tiny, you barely even notice them. It snows yes in some placesand it's cold but I have been in degrees Fahrenheit in a jacket and jeans for 20 minutes and been perfectly fine.

If you don't want come to California that's fine with me. But don't knock it just because of your arrogance, and what hear on TV. If you are a smart person and know how to take care of yourself like you should, you're an adult for heaven's sake California is a great place.

From the col rainy, negative uk. Where would you recommend as a good place to base ourselvesI know it is a tough question but I intend to ride my horse that way! Google it! Good luck Cali citizens.

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I love California, but your hippie nonsense is laughable. Colloidal silver is toxic and foolish to ingest.

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Hemp oil cures cancer? Aside from marijuana obviously what fuels your misinformed ideologythere are no benefits to any of them. Do you want you kids to be able to buy meth at the corner store? Leave the promotion of California to people with realistic and rational things to say. Go occupy some public square in a dome made out of hemp and blog about global conspiracies. What a joke. Also our schools would be able to buy better text books and possibly help direct the way Text books are written similar to the way Texas does.

Written by someone who has never lived in CA. The reason you heard about it in CA is because we are doing stuff about it. If you need to experience closed minded conservatives one only needs to travel away from the Major metropolitan areas to be in Rush Limbaugh land. Liberal culture gives us a vibrant music scene, forward thinking companies like Google, Facebooks and a gajillion other High Tech Companies.

You will see so many different kinds of people in CA and experience many different cultures. Crime tends to be higher due to the lack of opportunities for legitimate ways of making money. This has really only increased the dangers of apprehending offenders on their 3rd strike and enrid the private Prison industry.

Tales of mass prisoner releases are also very overstated.

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Like someone else pointed out. Most quakes in the state are 2. The ones you do feel which happen every other year or so shake the house for 15 seconds and are over. Nothing to really worry about.

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So yeah, we do get some fires. People lose houses. More people lose houses to Tornados and Hurricanes though. And those happen more often in the states that are prone to those. Just up in the hills where the Rich people live and choose to not obey the laws about building construction and brush clearing.

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We have Brown who is working hard to balance our budget and get business back into the state. Wow you must be a liberal democrat. Brown is a horrible governor who ruined the economy last time he was in office.

Liberals are ruining the economy not republicans. BTW google and all those other companies you attribute to liberals were all funded by republicans.

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Learn what liberals actually stand for before you come on a forum and er for them. Sorry to say, Liberals are realists. Second, this list goes for southern California, not the entire state.

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Brush fires only happen in the mountain areas which are far from most major cities. Earthquakes happen a couple times a year but you barely feel them. You see what happened to new orleans? These same scientists that say this believe in global warming which has been proven false. Even if cali does fall into the ocean it will only be the west side about miles from the beach. Taxes are everywhere and they are all high. You are taxed from your payck, taxed when you buys stuff and taxed in february.

Gotta love triple taxation. Yes taxes might be higher in cali than the midwest but so is minimum wage. There are gangs in alaska, canada and even on indian reservations. They are everywhere and do violence everywhere. At least in cali where they started the police have practice dealing with them.

Yes liberals are killing this country and the world as a whole but they are everywhere including the white house. Police brutality is everywhere. The police think their badge gives them unlimited power and abuse that power. They can murder someone and get a slap on the wrist or a suspension. You murder someone and you get life in jail.

The border by san diego is the most heavily policed border in the U. Most of the drug cartels move their stuff through new mexico and texas now. Its easier for them. As a fellow Texan,you should probably list strict gun laws as a reason.

That would also include those two gun-hating senators: Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein both democrats. You forgot he fruits and nuts.

You can be identified in any other part of the country within 15 minutes of meeting you-really. I live in Los Angeles, and I verify that this article is a great way to keep idiots that believe this crap out of here. Hey Lee do you actually do any research on your top ten lists before typing them up? Im from Florida btw, what do you guys recommend? Stay in FL please. California sucks beyond belief.

Its a long story but I am not even in Los Angeles and this place is hell on earth. Some of the biggest morons I encountered have been out west. I think theres many domesticated outlaws who vote republican along with the immigration problems. Where do you live Barstow? Did you get caught up trying to score some meth or something? Im not going to let anyone touch me i dont care if its a police officer or not.

Go ahead and fight back, one less dumbass to worry about lol. Famous people, and awsome amusement parks like six flags magic mountain and disneyland.

Ive lived here all my life and only felt two earthquakes that did no damage. Living in L. In fact some people are actually out there actively seeking celebrity hook-ups, giving themselves bonus points for the varying classes of their bedmates movie star, television star, reality thing. Truth is: Try not to brag about hooking up with a famous person unless they are actually famous. Disney Chanel stars do not count. This term gets thrown around a lot and mainly covers actors, camera guys, screen- writers, and the works who flock here to try and make it big.

Truth: This is not always a bad thing. Dates at industry events can be fun. BUT there is a high chance that work will always come before you do. Caveat emptor, as they say. Dating in L. With tons of awesome restaurants and bars to try, sometimes budgeting for dating can be hard.

Outside activities make for great first dates as well. Los Angeles can sometimes seem like a city divided: one for the couples and one for the singles.

Dating life rosemont california

Couples either either move here together or find each other way more quickly than you can find parking on your street. And once they pair up, God help you trying to horn in on their social time. Truth: Give them a break.

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Rent is aper when you have someone to split it with.

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